Microsoft Security vs Other Security vs the fakers.

Monday morning, not so blue as unusual.  Computer is about the same; slow to start, but XP is now being so over loaded with patches that’s par for the course.

Had a bad start to the weekend.  Malware got downloaded and installed by a blasted Installer; despite checking (unchecking those items) I had toolbars installed into everything and god knows what else.

I’ve had this before I used to pay my subscriptions to those firewalling; virus killing experts but they never stopped the virus or malware when they need to.

Only my experience help me spot the malware and start deleting its files as they appeared.  However they also got into, or were refered to from my bootup; hence the blue screen of death.

No sweat I’ve been there before; I’ve got recovery software and copies of the major XP patches which were screwed by the XP recovery console.

After all this I ask myself is it worth paying for the software that’s supposed to stop this?  I gave up six months ago and depend on Microsoft Firewall, Defender and/or Microsoft security essentials – can’t actually say I’ve seen them do much.  But they are more active at stopping Malare.

Viruses are stopped by my Broadband supplier; and I get notification when these are removed from emails, and website know to have Virus are blocked as well!  Worth the £2 extra!

My Router also has a firewall which is enabled.

Although Security essentials didn’t stop the Malware getting into my system – a result of me trusting the Installer and clicking ‘OK’; but since it’s free it’s giving 1000% better value for money than any paid for software – and doesn’t slow the system as much.

Never forget clicking ‘OK’ – means ‘OK’ install whatever you want, download whatever you want – even if it isn’t the product appear at the top of the box with ‘OK’.  Are you an Idiot – ‘OK’ click?

The only thing that would have stopped Malware in this case would have been me finding a different source for Download. (It was DVDshrink – from the ‘official’ looking website.  I’ve a scratched DVD I wanted to back up. More on that later…)  There are too many fakers, and too many people taking cash for including Malware and toolbars in their products.

I always try to use the original/official source rather than sites like – which also loads its download progs with toolbars and Malware – so be careful – uncheck everything!

I also use Spybot – Search & Destroy – and yes there are fakers out there for this as well.   Fakers which sponsor links on google!  Naughty. naughty!  Google should really check who doing what to spread Malware, However Spybot works; unless you click OK on that Idiot box?

Spybot found the Malware after install, but failed to spot the url used inside the installer – which downloaded the Malware from who knows where?!

  • Google should check that its sponsored links are for genuine software and not fakes.
  • Website like should stop loading their installers with toolbars.
  • Maybe Spybot should Report all External links found inside Installers for checking?
  • AND should stop with the toolbar Malware!!
  • And if anyone knows how get fakers caught and prosecuted – do it along with!!
  • Anyone designing new secuirty software.  Blacklist as a link, as text, as recognised by the logo, etc. etc.


Removing and Malware

* * *

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