Trade aggrement with Afghanistan and Astrazeneca can make the drugs the NHS needs?

Poppy control in Afghanistan a failure? GOOD!

MPs slam UK record on controlling Afghan opium poppy harvest

A cross-party report says attempts to manage levels of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan have been a failure, well good I say.

Afghan farmers know nothing else growing poppies is what they do; unless they are shooting at people who try to destroy or steal their crop.

Attempts by successive governments to control the Afghan opium poppy harvest  (Which may well be the source of some of heroin that comes to Britain) has been a failure according to a new report.

However the UK and NHS is desperate cut funding and cost of medicine.  It is also desperate to keep its own Pharmaceutical industry (like Astrzeneca)!  Most of the pain killers used are expensive and derived from Opiates or  Opioid alkaloids found as natural products in the opium poppy plant, for making Morphine agmoust many others.

Why should we buy drugs made from Californian poppies from Pfizer?  We could have a trade agreements with Afghanistan and Astrazeneca can make the drugs the NHS needs!  This also provides a steady safe income to the Afghan farmers; the only income they have.  UK and other NATO countries need not worry about illegal import of Heroin if the Afghan’s turn to a steady regular income instead of the illegal Heroin which has led to so much conflict!

Trade in Opium is legal when used to harvest the opium for the Pharmaceutical industry.  In the UK we grow it Oxfordshire!  It is utter hypocracy to destory what we need; and punish those who farm it!  Sure it might be an advantage to the US to control the world’s suppy of Morphine and control the world’s Pharmaceutical industry!  But why should we be that stupid?

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