Whistleblower – The World of Law dosn’t Understand PIDA

Tell to tell it my way!  As I truddle towards my Appeal I wonder if there is any logic let alone justine in the British Law?

I blew the whistle to the Civil Aviation as per the PIDA and this was pass to the Aviation Authority for investigation.

Evidence confirmed the actions taken, which in turn led to the disclosure that some contracts placed with my employer were contrary to Regulations in the first place; and that other contacts had been put in place fix actions of the first.

The actions and ‘misunderstanding’ of the Employment Tribunal beggars belief and stretches credibility to breaking point.  Level of trust zero.  “Reasonable belief” for PIDA, – forget it!

I have had to represent myself as the Union would only provide three months legal support (they have no policy on Whistleblowing);

I am struggling with Legal Aid as even they do not understand what PIDA is – and if I should qualify for Legal Aid to support me in lodging an Appeal.  The Answer being NO.

Employment Tribunal now only attract Legal Aid in cases of ‘discrimination’ under the ‘discrimination act’ i.e. sex, race, age, disability etc.  This effectively makes PIDA weaker than ever.  The Employment Tribunal is the only route or process to follow; and there is no legal aid.  Why would a whistle-blower start a case in the ET?  Because of discrimination’ from employer due to disclosure; or Constructive Dismissal (which should be automatic – case history shows that this is no longer the c

If you’ve lost your job due to a disclosure or can no longer work due to disclosure what can you now do?  I’m bankrupt now, by the time I get to Appeal I’ll be homeless.

Legal experience (there is a similar story in the news today about lack of barristers to support fraud cases due to cuts in Legal Aid)  In the field of Aviation and Airworthiness the solicitors who have experience can be counted on one hand.  Most already work for my previous employer or the MoD, leaving Haddon-Cave who is no longer in practise – not that I could afford him.

Gov. pushing for more cases to be settled commercially or via ACAS to reduce the number going to ET.  Employers are more likely to want to settle Whistleblowing claims in this way – reducing the amount of case history and statute the ET can reffer to; thus watering down the law even further.  Shouldn’t PIDA be FORCED to go through the Full Tribunal.  “Public Interest” is supposed to mean something?




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