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echoes from Assisi

the beauty of the sun relected in the beauty of nature, relected in the beauty of words

Wuji Seshat


heavenly spouse, that blesses all things
how you have loved me, that I am chaste
how you have touched me

that I am now pure
your power whose miracles
worked gratitude and forgiveness in me
Until your abundance became

fortified compassion in all my words
how your appearance in the world
jumps out at me now

in whose embrace I am caught
like a rapture from a divinity
leaning on me with strange music
arriving to my eyes like sparkling gems

in the blossoms of springtime
I see new lives and recognize their holiness
a sign of your holiness, everywhere

sacred in the bright humility
of a saint’s tongue or an angel’s smile
on a path of simple happiness
I have forgotten what I once sought

that was not you, most high
the pursuit of perfection is now
the seduction of Lords and Goddesses

each laughs to dissuade me from…

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Review: Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

Cassoulet, an advanced hangover cure for from the famous French cuisine

Lords of the Drinks

Cassoulet, a French hangover cure. Cassoulet, a French hangover cure.

We already gave you some tips and tricks to get rid of your hangover. But every country has its own traditional dishes to make the process go faster. We like to give you a taste of the international anti-hangover cuisine. This time we present you a dish from the famous French cuisine. Cassoulet is a powerful dish that is especially popular in the South-West of France to speed up the recovery process after heavy drinking. We chose for a typical recipe from Toulouse.

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Hardboiled Steampunk Detective takes on Shanghai 1934 to 3034

The Shanghai Eye

 Copyright Michael John Wormald 2014

Coming to Kindle July 2014

Steampunk Hardboiled Michael John Wormald 2014

The Shanghai Eye


The seaside here was not like the seaside at his home in Fleetwood. Then there had been fishing boats and teashops. Here in Shanghai we had Angel of peace and she was burning. She had been burning for three thousand years.

Jimmy Charteris, was a cop for hire. Not one of your bungling time cops. A private detective who’d recover stolen goods, kidnapped girls or track down a killer from any of Shanghai’s time zones.

Jimmy looked at his Guardian angel, the peace statue standing wings spread watching the Bund. The same statue stood over Shanghai in 1934, it had stood when Jimmy was born in 2034, today it was 3034 and today it might be Jimmy’s one thousandth birthday, but time did not run straight in Shanghai…

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My Smosh Piece: Questions Every Introvert Gets Asked

Medium Large

When you’re an introvert, you spend a lot of time alone in your own thoughts. But when an you’re an introvert around other people, you spend a lot of time thinking up answers to the following common questions.Smosh Sample Introvert Questions

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I don’t qualify for any of it! Help me, Help myself!

I’m fed up of people telling me to go to Citizens Advice Bureau. In the end of done more to help myself.  By now I know what they’ll say – and I don’t qualify for any of it!

I’ve been there – done that; and I’m poorer than ever. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, can’t justify the cost of going out of the house!! So I try to cope with 2,000 pages of legal and tribunal evidence on my own. God its boring after years of waiting!

I receive ESA and Child Benefit. Not enough to live on; wasn’t 4 years ago; isn’t now.

Even my medical pension hasn’t help much; the ESA is reduced anyway as a result.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) are simply surprised that I haven’t solved my problems yet. Er – life long term illness?  And the Employment Tribunal I am sure is taking deliberately long. And no you can’t settle a Public Interest Disclosure case, confidently through ACAS – come on! What would be the point my blowing the whistle?

As for my health –there’s no cure? Certainly no improvement while I’m kept in suspense. CAB just expect me to go away? Their foodbank – now get this, only provides food parcels twice in any three month period. That’s for two of us? Looks like we’ll living on Beans, and maybe eggs if we’re lucky. Have you seen the price of Bread?

CAB “At least your family are getting School meals when they are at school?”

Self “Er, excuse me they Breakup for Summer next week”

CAB “Drive down to K_____ and pick up a food parcel”

Self “I’m sorry I can’t afford food, which I’d buy before I put petrol in the car”

CAB “oh…” CAB

Self “It would be a 35 mile round trip – I don’t normally drive that much in a week?”

CAB “You could go to the local Children’s centre?”

Self “Yep – I did until they turned me away and gave me your number?”

CAB “…”


So how to cope?

  • Bake Bread (until the flour runs out)
  • Eat up the rice and pasta…
  • Eat the same thing every day and get used to it
  • Four small meals a day is better than trying to manage one decent one!
  • Have a glass of water before/instead of snack (good way to diet as well)
  • Live off Yellow or ‘oops’ labels while you can
  • Stretch you budget till you cry?


Whistleblowing poet needs to keep alive

Ambitious & passionate. I belive in truth. A whistleblower trapped in a cycle of disclosure & delay?



Amanda Palmer has apparently finished a book?


amanda palmer

Self Publishing, books, music, art – in her underwear?