Whistleblower protection, right of conscience

EI Whistleblower

Whistleblower protection, right of conscience




Her name is Sylvie Therrien. She has been working for HRSDC since January 2011, and from October 2012 as an Employment Insurance (EI) “integrity services investigator”. This campaign to provide her with living expenses was an idea some of us Canadians came up with because, in May 2013, Sylvie was suspended without pay on suspicion of leaking information to the media about an unethical EI quota system.


What Happened

In Canada we are supposed to have a whistleblower’s protection act, but in reality we don’t have protection for people who expose government wrong-doing. Sylvie Therrien could not continue, in good consience, working quietly within government “quota” guidelines for EI. When she questioned her superiors about the ethics of the practise, her concerns were laughed off because the EI managers could get bonuses for big cuts to EI payouts. She realized that cutting people off rightfully earned EI only served one purpose: to make the government look good by saying that fewer people were unemployed. Spin Spin Spin was what these quotas were about.

So Sylvie, at great peril to her own future earnings, stepped up and told the media about this unethical action by the Government of Canada. In our interview (http://livestream.com/occupyearth) she explains how she was told to disallow EI benefits for frivolous reasons in order to meet a quota of $485,000 in disallowed benefits per year


Think about that: almost 1/2 million a year of denied benefits per investigator in the office where she worked. How many others were doing the same in that office? How many others are doing the same in offices across the country? At a time when Canadians are unemployed and vulnerable, our government is working behind the scenes to cut their legs out from under them! How many people are struggling more then ever before so that the government can misdirect EI benefits to other uses, like $50 million gazebos, helicopter fishing trips for ministers and ridiculous Economic Action Plan ads?

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Sylvie Therrien, an employee of Services Canada, was suspended without pay on suspicion of being a whistleblower. Her hearing is now postponed until September.  Sylvie’s union (SEIU) has told her that this could be a long battle, and in the meantime the government knows that Sylvie is a single mother with bills to pay. This is just another government BULLY tactic to shut whistleblowers up. If the government top-cats can’t do it by prosecuting them, they will do it by starving the leaker.

Let’s stand up for Sylvie, who stood up for us! Even in these tough times, we believe that caring Canadians would be willing to donate to help pay the living expenses of someone who stood up for fellow Canadians.  Whether you can only afford $1 or can handle a larger donation of $5, $10 or even $100, know that your support is greatly appreciated. And please help by sharing this message with other caring Canadians. Together we can show Sylvie that yes, Canadians do care and Canadians support whistleblowers!

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