Dyslexic Launches 490 page book with One Spelling Error?

I lot of people use dyslexia as an excuse for laziness.  True dyslexics when facing their critics often feel chastised for something they could not control, and rarely use it as an excuse.

I rarely see my mistakes when re-reading my own writing.  To clarify, I cannot often read my own handwriting, my brain is in fact working at 10 times the pace of my fingers and has often moved on to thinking about something else, normally on how embarrassed I am by my own handwriting.  However, since I learnt to type, and the many years thereafter, I have moved on and started to learn things like Spelling and Grammer, the barrier of undecipherable handwriting has been removed.

Learning Spelling is NOT over coming dyslexia.  I simply can’t see the mistakes.  My brain doesn’t process the phonics properly.  I can type so fast words fall over each other, words in a sentence can get as mixed as the letters.

Dyslexia varies from one person to another, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. People with dyslexia have particular difficulty with:

  • phonological processing; mixing ‘of’ with ‘ov’, ‘p’ with ‘b’,

Some say this is “phonological awareness”, wrong!  We are not idiots!  We know the difference between the printed letter ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘s’.]  Phonetically the processing skips, Dyslexics are not aware they’ve made a mistake; and when processing the read-back, – well, the brain knows what it thinks we wrote – and moves on to process other more interesting and engaging things.

  • verbal processing and memory

Verbal memory is the ability to remember a sequence of verbal information even for a short period of time.  This is so true, I always have to write down directions, or information.  My hand writing?  Don’t ask!  Want me to drawn a map of the places I’ve been or the design of twin-turbo rotary engine, I’ll do it from memory and label all the parts.  I’ll overload you with information!   I’ve been told I see the world as atoms.  Again, processing information is different?

I always wanted to be a Writer!

I always wanted to be a writer and ever since I started typing on a computer I’ve had that dream.  I’ve worked for 25 years as a successful engineer, mainly on engineering projects for the UK armed forces.  However, due to health reasons I am now at home, pursuing the dream of writing.  Since my life and livelihood are now on the line I know I have to get this write (sorry, right!).


Self-Publishing is largely the realm of the failed writer, rather than the writer to be, in terms of success.  ‘Self’ means you have to be you own Editor, Reviewer, Researcher and Marketer.  If you don’t get it right no one will buy your book.  Knowing this I have worked hard to make self-publishing possible.

Editor, Editing and Edited

Three times or more, with two different types of Proof reading software, I combed my book over and over.  Not until the final week did I stop tweaking and rethinking the book.  Be your own brutal editor!

1 Mistake?

Upload Spell Check

Well, even that is not a mistake!

My book is full of place names, Asian names, and Romanization of other languages. I cannot tell you how elated I was to find that the Amazon Kindle check after Upload came back with One error!

Book by Dyslexic Free of Errors

Amazon Kindle handles books in many languages, with place names, and common transliteration, so I was very impressed that it coped with all the different names, places and spelling preferences used*.

The mistake?  ‘toroi’, which is romanized Japanese and is correct when used as part of the sentence.

Book by Dyslexic Free of Errors

Please considering buying the book on Amazon Kindle from April 2015

The Call of the Thunder Dragon: The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild [Kindle Edition]

Falstaff the Incorrigible, a mercenary scoundrel with an evil temper. It is the eve of war in Europe, but Falstaff has unfinished business with a princess, the Japanese Army and loot still to find in the east. The incorrigible Falstaff is down but not out. His eye for the ladies and the chance for a quick buck have got him trouble again.

Falstaff undertakes a remarkable mission Bhutan. Hoping to set a record, or find gold and loot. Instead, he discovers to what extremes the Japanese will go to catch him.

“If there ever was a time for a new Bond or Flashman it is now, move over Biggles Falstaff is at the controls!”

“A fascinating account of a flight through China, Burma and on to Bhutan. Via the political landscape and intrigues of pre-war Asia. A acceptable take on the ‘Journey to the West’ as modern thrill ride with the Rogue Falstaff!”

“A high ride right to the nail biting end, a twist at every step, inspiring, funny and full of facts.”

“A great attempt at a first novel. A convincing start to a series which could run and run, any disappointment about loose ends left over are quashed by the teasing start to volume 2!”


*International English vs ‘English’ or ‘British’ English etc. color vs colour etc. English is international, there is no preference for spelling in publishing so long as you are consistent.  Only stuck up – racist English School teachers have to have a preference apparently?


About Max

Poet, Creative Writer, Essayist, Political Opinionist and Reviewer. Rock and Roll fix it man with two guitars, a spanner, some glue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis! Michael aka Max struggles to balance his continued ill luck with the limits of his condition. He also is acutely aware of the difficulties facing M.E. suffers who are abused by the system. In addition to poetry and historical fiction Michael also writes delightful and original children’s stories. He is also considering the completion of the first installment of his imaginative historically accurate stories of ex-pats stranded far from home in Asia during War World II, ‘The Orange Dragon of Old Hanoi’ (Copyright 2007, 2014). ‘The Long Hard Highway’ is a collection of poems by aspiring British poet, writer and researcher of historical fiction, and children's author Michael J. Wormald. Self published for the first time on Amazon Kindle 2013. The Call of the Thunder Dragon Novel out now View all posts by Max

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