More Tales of the Gold Monkey

I received a very early Birthday present yesterday.  A magazine dedicated to Flying Boats of World war 2, seeing the beautiful cuttaways of the Grumman Goose reminded me where my love of Flying Boats came from; Tales of the Gold Monkey, in which Jake Cutter flew his goose into and out of trouble every week.

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Having just finished writing and editing my own book; another pilot another place and time, but always the float plane or flying boat, it was a pleasure to be reminded of the golden episodes and adventures from the ‘Gold Monkey’ bar.

TV of the 1980’s was dominated by science-fiction, so this 1930s inspired series was like a breath of fresh air, even if it was an homage to the pulp novels of the time.   Set in the South Pacific in the late thirties, pre-war (although of this we are never sure) such as Bora-Bora in French (or to be French Vichy) Polynesia,  a chain of islands bordering Japanese ruled waters.

The Blue Parrot Hotel, of Bora-‘Gora’ comes to be known as the ‘Gold Monkey’ bar following the first adventure in which a Brass Monkey is found on a volcanic island.  The bar is run by ‘Bon Chance’ Louie, played by Roddy McDowall a former member of the French Foreign Legion.

The Blue Parrot ‘Bora-Gora’

The colorful bar and likeable-rogue characters included the main chacter Jake Cutter, pilot of the Goose flying boat.  Jake claims to be a veteran Flying Tiger (AVG); pre-thirties this is unlikely (they started flying in 1941) but it adds to his character nethertheless.  Along with his sometimes-drunk mechanic Corky. The crew of the goose is completed with a side-kick with a one-eye.  A dog who speaks several languages, if one or two barks for yes and no count?

If unashamed escapism is your thing, as it is mine then you could do a lot worse than check the DVD box set of this excellent piece of tongue in cheek adventure.  The DVD is good quality and makes excellant viewing.

The plots my be pulp classics, the fight scenes good old romps but it is great entertainment.  Many like to say this was only a success because of Raiders of the lost Ark; however the Gold Monkey scripts and idea pre-dated Indiana Jones.

Ebook Campaign Take a Shot at Falstaff Wild!

Falstaff's Old Caproni

I’m Gunning for Falstaff Wild.  The first racy instalment of the Falstaff Adventures will be released April 18th as an a Kindle book, ‘The Call of the Thunder Dragon’

What happens when a mercenary meets a princess?  Falstaff Wild is a Rogue, an incorrigible cad who never knows when to quit!

Ex-RAF pilot, Falstaff foregos aiding China against the Japanese invasion and instead starts a private war of his own!  His ‘Journey to the West’ takes him accross China, Burma all the way to Bhutan.  The task of returning a ‘princess’ to her father proves to be a hard task to handle; while the princess proves even hotter!

Call of the Thunder Dragon


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