Adverts are Stupid or Adverts I hate!

For too long O2 have showing their ‘Be more Dog or is it Cat’ advertising campaign.   It’s a daft idea which probably worked on paper, in fact it is confusing annoying and stupid.

This is a dog:

O2 this is a dog not a cat

An O2 advertising executive

You’ve seen the television adverts with a nice cat, being a cat which rather stupidly gets confused and starts chasing sticks because of course that’s what O2 users want?  Sticks to chase, and smelling like mangy mutt?

What the f__k is wrong with cats anyway?  This is a cat:

Relaxed Cat, no sign of mobile phone or Advertising Executives?

I do three things when these ads come on.  Swear bloody revenge on the sodding Executive that came up with this idea, secondly hit MUTE and TV Schedule on the remote (which obscures the picture.)  This how I watch most ads; helps keep down my blood pressure!

If O2 want piss people off, and drive anyway busiess carry on!!

A O2 Advertising executive meets a real Cat!

A O2 Advertising executive meets a real Cat!

The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild

The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild Kindle

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