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My Apparently Incurable Notebook Obsession

You are not alone. I’ve a good selection (for notes on books I’ve yet to write) and my daugther as dozens for doodling!


Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, and more Thunder!

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The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild

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Writing is a passion. I love history & facts.

I want to Entertain & educate; just what all books should be doing!

Having been a Whistleblower I know what it is like for people not to listen.  This has increased my passion for writing.Thunderclap

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The Call of the Thunder Dragon

Book One of the Coninuting Adventures of Falstaff Wild

Map 1 China Yunnan China Yunnan Province January 1940


Caproni Ca.3 or Ca.39 Float Plane  China, Yunnan to Bhutan Record Breaker  Take off in winter from lake, snow storm Caproni 3  Falstaff Wild

Extract 1              Extract 2                   Extract 3

Book One From the continuing Aventures of Falstaff Wild

The Call of the Thunder Dragon


Other Territories :

Falstaff the Incorrigible, a mercenary pilot and scoundrel with an evil temper. It is the eve of war in Europe, but Falstaff has…

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The Elusive Quality of Security

Thought provoking, whilst we still have freedom to think!

Support Hero Whistleblowers

May 2015

If I were to meet Seaman William McNeilly today I would look him in the eye and tell him how brave I thought he was.  He has given up is career that he loved, the opportunity to support his country and the Royal Navy.

He has swallowed his own pride and opened up on the Hazards, Safety Issues and security.

None of the issues surprise me at all.

Seaman William McNeilly

I worked in Defence for years, including Support for the Royal Navy Sonar systems.  Giving Technical Support to the Royal Navy.

I can sympathise with those issues even though I left Naval services 6-7 years ago I remember how difficult it was becoming for the Submarine Weapon Systems officers who were being forced to take on more and more technical responsibility.  Each officer can only take on so much, – and still cope 100% as they are expected to.

The Royal Navy like the rest of the UK armed forces have been pushed to limit, cut back after cut back.  Many people who previously understood or had responsibly for the issues Seaman William McNeilly has raised may well have left, made redundant, leaving behind over stretched men who have suddenly been forced into a steep learning curve for their additional responsibilities.

The Royal Navy offers a is a great career.  submariners are not only put under a lot of stress to perform 100% because of their duties, but often because the safety of all the crew and the submarine is a stake.  So people should listen with a sympathic ear to McNeilly.

Seaman William McNeilly may well have spoken out, or found himself listening with dread to his superiors talk about every thing he has highlighted.  While they have chosen to try and ‘cope’ with the situation instead of risking their careers, chances of promotion, or to honest – their families and their welfare the income provides.

There have been too many cuts backs to be able to provide the response day-to-day to many issues, so they get left to people like William McNeilly to worry about.

It is not his fault – it is the government’s.

I feel for all Whistleblowers.  I have spent 5 years fighting Hypocrisy and blind stupidity in BAe and the MoD whilst working on Typhoon.

The worst is yet to hit William McNeilly.  No income.  Stress.  Bias towards/from MoD in the courts and useless Whistleblowing laws.

Eventually you come out of it with nothing.  I face loosing my house and live by scrounging and scrimping.  It is a horrible way to live, but I would not change one thing that I’ve done.  I will continue to take pride in what I did.  But I still feel the pain.  So I know what McNeilly is going through.  We should support him.

Most importantly we should support the Royal Navy to get these issues fixed.

We will either have an “I told you so” disaster with lives ruined or taken by accidents or dangers we should have fixed; or we can listen and give the messengers a clap on the back.


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Curving toward the center

A feast is incomplete
without friends

© Meisaan Chan


(Photo credit: National Geographic)

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Author Central INDIA


Image from ShutterStock Image from ShutterStock


Amazon’s Author Central is now available in India.

Authors can now setup free author pages for Amazon India.

But unlike the UK, France, Germany, and Japan, this is really, really easy.

In fact, it’s automatic.

Once you setup Author Central in the US, it automatically propagates your Author Central page to India.

If you already have Author Central in the US, your author page should already show in India.

Would you like to check if your author page shows up at Amazon India?

If so, use this link: Once there, search for one of your books. Scroll down the product page and you should eventually find your author photo on the left-hand side.

Note that the Author Central info appears farther down the page than usual, below the review section.

Don’t have an Author Central account yet?

You should. It’s…

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Agatha and Ray

Crime pays if you’re writing it!

Max Dunbar

Sophie Hannah has written a defence of Agatha Christie for yesterday’s Guardian Review, who she says is ‘a writer too often dismissed as merely a brilliant plotter of mysteries.’ This is, Sophie says, ‘a charge that’s grossly unfair. Christie’s books are so much more than great puzzles. Each of her novels demonstrates a profound understanding of people – how they think, feel and behave – all delivered in her crisp, elegant, addictively readable style.’

Now, critics have two views of Christie:

1) Agatha Christie was amazing. She created memorable characters and superb plots and her insights into human nature still endure today. There’s a reason her books still sell and new generations of readers discover anew her delightful protagonists and marvellous storytelling.

2) Agatha Christie was a hack. Her characters are ridiculous cartoons, her plots that seem so intricate and dazzling were churned out with no more skill than you need to compile a…

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