Only the masses can get rid of the asses

I think the farts during Eastenders were wasted, certainly Eastenders is a lot of foul smelling hot air anyway; but the farts should have got up of the sofa, left the biscuits and voted with the rest of us.! They don’t call it the WIND of CHANGE for nothing!

Thought Scratchings

This post is to all not voting on Thursday. To all those who think the future of everyone in the UK is less important than farting their way through another episode of Eastenders while slurping iron jugs of milk and chomping through three packets of Foxes biscuits. If the world ends it’s all your fault: you lazy ignorant shark breast.

Banks and corporations have created a culture of profit before anything else. Billionaire tax dodgers are operating within the law, the bankers who plunged us into economic disaster are collecting bonuses when they should be in prison, “politicians” are rigging expenses and our “leaders” would masturbate over each other on live television if their advisors told them it would win votes.

We are governed by slugs created in the slime of our apathy.

Look around. Open your fat eyes big bones. Day by day, those who have nothing are attacked…

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Poet, Creative Writer, Essayist, Political Opinionist and Reviewer. Rock and Roll fix it man with two guitars, a spanner, some glue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis! Michael aka Max struggles to balance his continued ill luck with the limits of his condition. He also is acutely aware of the difficulties facing M.E. suffers who are abused by the system. In addition to poetry and historical fiction Michael also writes delightful and original children’s stories. He is also considering the completion of the first installment of his imaginative historically accurate stories of ex-pats stranded far from home in Asia during War World II, ‘The Orange Dragon of Old Hanoi’ (Copyright 2007, 2014). ‘The Long Hard Highway’ is a collection of poems by aspiring British poet, writer and researcher of historical fiction, and children's author Michael J. Wormald. Self published for the first time on Amazon Kindle 2013. The Call of the Thunder Dragon Novel out now View all posts by Max

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