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Whistleblower Blues

When I blew the Whistle its was to further the benefits of Airworthiness and Safety little did I know that I would end up bankrupt and begging for money.


Whistleblower Blues

Please help me.  There isn’t anywhere else to go?

Eurofigther Typhoon


I once had my house mortgage paid and done for.  Before illness, caused by long term stress due the concerns which kept me awake at night, led to divorce.  Losing half the house, and gaining a new mortgage, – fighting for the custardy of my daugther whilst struggling with a company deaf to the changes in regulations.

Bae to MoD

Whistleblower blues

Guilt is the worst thing.  It is worrying enough considering going outside of your own company, possibliy against your own friends and collegaues without the additional strain of causing a breakdown of your family life!

It didn’t get easier.  Four years on I am still going to the Foodbank, still scrapping by on an income which doesn’t cover the cost of my mortgage – let alone Gas and Electricity!

I’ve had the cost of Employment Tribunal’s, Appeals and all that paper and printing!  I think about all this every time I open the kitchen cupboard to open another tin of donated baked beans.

Starvation rations

Baked Beans poor diet

I’ve no social life, had none for years, I can’t justifiy it.  My daugther comes first.  The summer’s coming, – she’ll ask for Ice-Cream, she’s got her hobbies, – which will end soon because I can’t afford it any longer.

This month, I’ve had to skip my mortgage payment in order to pay my Gas and Electricity – I’ve got to stop them kicking my door down to fit a pre-payment meter which I couldn’t afford to pre-pay!

No bread this week, I’ll use up the flour in the cupboard and hope it turns out to be edible!  The foodbank’s too hit and miss to plan a menu;  Car Tax means July’s shopping will be put back to August!

In 8 days I’ll hear about my Appeal, – another then £400 just to pregress an issue so slowly it may never become free to go into the public domain!  All the legal advice is don’t seek publicly!  Hell why make a discloure in the public interest if you can’t talk about it!

I’ll tell you about how bad it is for the Whistleblower!  I must be mad to gone down this root, – ending up medically retired with a pitence, a fraction of the pension I would have got and further more all the equity in the house will be lost the day the banks move in.  Now shall I have the beans tonight?  Or save them?

Starving to suceed

Whistle Blowing