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1 year M.E. Joke not funny?

To the Daily-mail, UK: ‘’; ‘’

I am writing over concerns over the inaccuracies and total absence of credible fact in the article below.   (By Sebastian Shakespeare for the Daily Mail)

A person suffering from M.E. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a serious neurological condition, would be very, very lucky to get a diagnosis in less than a year.  Let alone find a cure to this incurable condition?!

Encephalomyelitis or Encephalitis, and the pain (that’s what Myalgic means) is diagnosed over a long period where neurological pain and degeneration or inflamation in the nervous system has been observed over a LONG period.

My diagnosis took five years, and explained a period of illness and degenerating health and unexplained pain over a period of 20 years.  My medical retirement at 42 has not helped – since I still can’t support myself.  Nor is there any cure to be offered.

M.E. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is NOT fatigue.  I wake up with PAIN and go to sleep with PAIN regardless of the exertion in between, there is marked increase in pain on exertion which may require days to get over.

CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not a useful, or scientific or medical term.  The World health Organization and the Nightingale Research Foundation, who presented a report to the Lords and Commons in 2007, have repeatedly called on governments and the NHS to stop using the CFS label; since GP’s, even specialists and Health ministers alike are all liable misuse and misrepresent the term.  I would describe CFS, for want of a better term, as a ‘toxic description’ of these two distinct groups of illnesses.

I have the deepest sympathy with people suffering from fatigue –which can be caused by stress, depression, cancer, serious illness or major surgery.  Fatigue is recoverable over a long period, or through  sustained rest and appropriate rehabilitation.

I’ve had sustained rest, tried the rehabilitation and over the long term, this has no effect on the type of distinct pain I and M.E. sufferers experience.  Since the pain is quite distinct and when recurring over a long period it is clear the M.E. is a condition separate from fatigue, the source being narrowed down to neurological, then the diagnoses can be made correctly.  This is not generally done in under a year?!

I also have the deepest sympathy for all the poor souls who are floating between two extremes not knowing if they have been given the correct diagnoses by their GP (or more properly a qualified  neurologist?)

The idea the M.E. could be championed by someone who has had a sudden ‘miracle’ cure is not funny.  This article is in poor taste, ill-informed, and shows a poor standard of journalism.

I hope you will investigate, print a retraction or start over with a better informed source.  Try a neurologist?  Indeed we have a champion in Byron Marshall Hyde M.D. who wrote the report for the Nightingale Research Foundation…

The problem now is not that the condition is met with skepticism, but that it is met with pure ignorance in the press which is carried over into the NHS and Government.  For all out sakes get your facts from a legitimate source!


Michael Wormald

Long term M.E. sufferer 25 years and counting


Support Hero Whistleblowers

May 2015

If I were to meet Seaman William McNeilly today I would look him in the eye and tell him how brave I thought he was.  He has given up is career that he loved, the opportunity to support his country and the Royal Navy.

He has swallowed his own pride and opened up on the Hazards, Safety Issues and security.

None of the issues surprise me at all.

Seaman William McNeilly

I worked in Defence for years, including Support for the Royal Navy Sonar systems.  Giving Technical Support to the Royal Navy.

I can sympathise with those issues even though I left Naval services 6-7 years ago I remember how difficult it was becoming for the Submarine Weapon Systems officers who were being forced to take on more and more technical responsibility.  Each officer can only take on so much, – and still cope 100% as they are expected to.

The Royal Navy like the rest of the UK armed forces have been pushed to limit, cut back after cut back.  Many people who previously understood or had responsibly for the issues Seaman William McNeilly has raised may well have left, made redundant, leaving behind over stretched men who have suddenly been forced into a steep learning curve for their additional responsibilities.

The Royal Navy offers a is a great career.  submariners are not only put under a lot of stress to perform 100% because of their duties, but often because the safety of all the crew and the submarine is a stake.  So people should listen with a sympathic ear to McNeilly.

Seaman William McNeilly may well have spoken out, or found himself listening with dread to his superiors talk about every thing he has highlighted.  While they have chosen to try and ‘cope’ with the situation instead of risking their careers, chances of promotion, or to honest – their families and their welfare the income provides.

There have been too many cuts backs to be able to provide the response day-to-day to many issues, so they get left to people like William McNeilly to worry about.

It is not his fault – it is the government’s.

I feel for all Whistleblowers.  I have spent 5 years fighting Hypocrisy and blind stupidity in BAe and the MoD whilst working on Typhoon.

The worst is yet to hit William McNeilly.  No income.  Stress.  Bias towards/from MoD in the courts and useless Whistleblowing laws.

Eventually you come out of it with nothing.  I face loosing my house and live by scrounging and scrimping.  It is a horrible way to live, but I would not change one thing that I’ve done.  I will continue to take pride in what I did.  But I still feel the pain.  So I know what McNeilly is going through.  We should support him.

Most importantly we should support the Royal Navy to get these issues fixed.

We will either have an “I told you so” disaster with lives ruined or taken by accidents or dangers we should have fixed; or we can listen and give the messengers a clap on the back.


Bargin Books on Kindle

Bargin Books on Kindle

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Adverts are Stupid or Adverts I hate!

For too long O2 have showing their ‘Be more Dog or is it Cat’ advertising campaign.   It’s a daft idea which probably worked on paper, in fact it is confusing annoying and stupid.

This is a dog:

O2 this is a dog not a cat

An O2 advertising executive

You’ve seen the television adverts with a nice cat, being a cat which rather stupidly gets confused and starts chasing sticks because of course that’s what O2 users want?  Sticks to chase, and smelling like mangy mutt?

What the f__k is wrong with cats anyway?  This is a cat:

Relaxed Cat, no sign of mobile phone or Advertising Executives?

I do three things when these ads come on.  Swear bloody revenge on the sodding Executive that came up with this idea, secondly hit MUTE and TV Schedule on the remote (which obscures the picture.)  This how I watch most ads; helps keep down my blood pressure!

If O2 want piss people off, and drive anyway busiess carry on!!

A O2 Advertising executive meets a real Cat!

A O2 Advertising executive meets a real Cat!

The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild

The Continuing Adventures of Falstaff Wild Kindle

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[You could see that the police did not want to arrest him as they understood what his plan was. He had on his person all his research and that would have to be admissible evidence in any trial and of course, his research may very well prove that members of government are actually breaking the law.]

Further details on the very clever PAUL MOBBS and his arrest at Downing St. today:
It would be great if you used your networks to get out this information as far and wide as possible immediately.

Around 3pm today Paul was arrested under the Terrorism Act (Highways section) for blocking the entrance to Downing Street in his attempt to make a citizens arrest of four key members in the government. He has acted in this way as he believes that members in government are guilty of Misconduct In Public Office in reference to fracking.

He arrived with a small team of witnesses and documenters at the entrance to Downing Street at around 11.15 this morning and proceeded to explain his intentions to the police on the gates. At first they ignored him but his politeness and clear knowledge of his rights necessitated that they eventually sent in their commanding officer who was joined quickly by two other officers.

He explained that as he has exhausted all other routes for taking action with regards to the fact that his research shows that the crime of Misconduct In Public Office is being committed, he has only one last resort which is to effect a citizens arrest himself. The police took a long time to scrutinise his arguments and there was much going and coming between them and other advisors behind the gates. His arguments were erudite and his temper remained pleasant and non confrontational at all times, as you can see from the photographs. In fact, there was not one officer that he spoke with who did not end up smiling and laughing, particularly when he said that he was going to leap over the fence soon and they responded that he probably was a bit too big and old for that and he responded that, being an avid rambler, he can move “gazelle like” if he wanted.

You could see that the police did not want to arrest him as they understood what his plan was. He had on his person all his research and that would have to be admissible evidence in any trial and of course, his research may very well prove that members of government are actually breaking the law. In fact, you could see that over the course of the three hours he was talking with them, many of them were finding his evidence compelling themselves and of course, being on this list, you know how compelling that evidence is.

Eventually, he took to stating that he was going to use his body to block any traffic coming in or out of Downing Street. At this point, a police van turned up and he was arrested. As you can see in the picture, he went peacefully.

We believe he was taken to Charring Cross police station. We alerted his wife who we had been told to ring as soon as he was arrested. Alice is now key contact and will update us as to what happens next. We are assuming he will be released this evening.

You are probably aware of Paul’s research and all of his key work is on his site:

But, his final report on fracking is soon to be released and he had given that to the police as soon as he arrived. He has also released today the update of his ‘frackogram’, which is here and he would really like people to circulate this as widely as possible. This document alone seems to point clearly at serious misconduct in office:…/fracktured_…/frackogram_2015-A3.pdf

A film of the events of today should be up on the Talk Fracking you tube site by tomorrow morning.

Writing without coffee?

Writing without coffee is possible; but after days two I become a sloth and lived under a duvet on the sofa for the rest of the week.

I don’t qualify for any of it! Help me, Help myself!

I’m fed up of people telling me to go to Citizens Advice Bureau. In the end of done more to help myself.  By now I know what they’ll say – and I don’t qualify for any of it!

I’ve been there – done that; and I’m poorer than ever. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, can’t justify the cost of going out of the house!! So I try to cope with 2,000 pages of legal and tribunal evidence on my own. God its boring after years of waiting!

I receive ESA and Child Benefit. Not enough to live on; wasn’t 4 years ago; isn’t now.

Even my medical pension hasn’t help much; the ESA is reduced anyway as a result.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) are simply surprised that I haven’t solved my problems yet. Er – life long term illness?  And the Employment Tribunal I am sure is taking deliberately long. And no you can’t settle a Public Interest Disclosure case, confidently through ACAS – come on! What would be the point my blowing the whistle?

As for my health –there’s no cure? Certainly no improvement while I’m kept in suspense. CAB just expect me to go away? Their foodbank – now get this, only provides food parcels twice in any three month period. That’s for two of us? Looks like we’ll living on Beans, and maybe eggs if we’re lucky. Have you seen the price of Bread?

CAB “At least your family are getting School meals when they are at school?”

Self “Er, excuse me they Breakup for Summer next week”

CAB “Drive down to K_____ and pick up a food parcel”

Self “I’m sorry I can’t afford food, which I’d buy before I put petrol in the car”

CAB “oh…” CAB

Self “It would be a 35 mile round trip – I don’t normally drive that much in a week?”

CAB “You could go to the local Children’s centre?”

Self “Yep – I did until they turned me away and gave me your number?”

CAB “…”


So how to cope?

  • Bake Bread (until the flour runs out)
  • Eat up the rice and pasta…
  • Eat the same thing every day and get used to it
  • Four small meals a day is better than trying to manage one decent one!
  • Have a glass of water before/instead of snack (good way to diet as well)
  • Live off Yellow or ‘oops’ labels while you can
  • Stretch you budget till you cry?


Whistleblowing poet needs to keep alive

Ambitious & passionate. I belive in truth. A whistleblower trapped in a cycle of disclosure & delay?



U.N. No Fly Zone

Israel gave a warning this morning: leave your homes.  This afternoon a child died in car – bombed by an Israeli jet.

With the borders of Gaza closed where can people go to escape? Is this why they fight?

In Gaza Israel warnings are worthless.  The borders are closed, they are bombed in their houses, bombed in the streets, bombed at the border?

The police stations, the schools, the hospitals – the social infrastructure is targeted instead of the so called rocket launch sites; which are launched by necessity (no guidence) from open areas.

Why do we not have more people asking for a NO FLY ZONE?

Instead the borders are closed and the Israeli Air Force has its anual “Shooting fish in a Barrel” exercise?

Isreali War Crimes

Gaza, Isreali air force shooting fish in a barrel