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1 year M.E. Joke not funny? Press Release

Daily Mail Article Leaves M.E. Sufferers Fuming

Press Release  •  Jul 02, 2015 13:13 BST

From Lancashire UK Michael J Wormald Author and M.E. Sufferer

The original article below, caused out rage on Facebook, Twitter and amongst Bloggers and Health Forums.

The article may have highlighted the inconsistent way in which the NHS and Dept. of Health still refer to the condition as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), but made ridicule of those suffering from ‘Chronic Fatigue’ or had been diagnosed with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Encephalopathy)

27th June 2015 :  Click link Below of Full Copy of Press Release

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1 year M.E. Joke not funny? Response

Further to yesterdays post about the Daily Mail Article, I have had an initial response.

“Dear Mr Wormald

Thank you for your thoughtful response to the item about Samantha Cameron’s sister’s description of her period of suffering from ME. We are sorry to learn that you believe it to be outdated and inaccurate.

The account given of ME is based on what Emily Sheffield has herself reported of her experience, which is clearly different from yours. It is not intended as an objective or medical report and in reporting that she recovered in a sudden and dramatic way, there is no implication that she found a ‘cure’ applicable to other sufferers.

The item, which is part of a diary column focussing on celebrities, also summarises what has been the reaction in the past of some people, including professionals, to the condition. It states that the diagnosis ‘has been met’ with scepticism and ‘was dubbed yuppie flu’. It also states that sufferers  ‘tend to be aged between 20 and 40’, when younger and older people are also afflicted.

Therefore while I cannot agree that the article is inaccurate I would like to thank you for taking the time and trouble to send us your views. Please be assured I have forwarded your e-mail to Mr Shakespeare. We appreciate all feedback as it helps to inform our journalists and the editorial decisions we take on a daily basis.

Kind regards

Rehema Figueiredo

Corrections’ Department”

Well here we go again…  M.E. doesn’t “tend to be aged between 20 and 40”.  I’ve never heard or read anything about “yuppie flu” outside of the drivel we get in Newspapers.

If like me you continue to be disgusted about the way M.E. is represented in the Press please post comments about how the original article (   (By Sebastian Shakespeare for the Daily Mail)) Made you feel.

Feedback is greatly appreciated I intend to write about this further.

Writing without coffee?

Writing without coffee is possible; but after days two I become a sloth and lived under a duvet on the sofa for the rest of the week.

I don’t qualify for any of it! Help me, Help myself!

I’m fed up of people telling me to go to Citizens Advice Bureau. In the end of done more to help myself.  By now I know what they’ll say – and I don’t qualify for any of it!

I’ve been there – done that; and I’m poorer than ever. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, can’t justify the cost of going out of the house!! So I try to cope with 2,000 pages of legal and tribunal evidence on my own. God its boring after years of waiting!

I receive ESA and Child Benefit. Not enough to live on; wasn’t 4 years ago; isn’t now.

Even my medical pension hasn’t help much; the ESA is reduced anyway as a result.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) are simply surprised that I haven’t solved my problems yet. Er – life long term illness?  And the Employment Tribunal I am sure is taking deliberately long. And no you can’t settle a Public Interest Disclosure case, confidently through ACAS – come on! What would be the point my blowing the whistle?

As for my health –there’s no cure? Certainly no improvement while I’m kept in suspense. CAB just expect me to go away? Their foodbank – now get this, only provides food parcels twice in any three month period. That’s for two of us? Looks like we’ll living on Beans, and maybe eggs if we’re lucky. Have you seen the price of Bread?

CAB “At least your family are getting School meals when they are at school?”

Self “Er, excuse me they Breakup for Summer next week”

CAB “Drive down to K_____ and pick up a food parcel”

Self “I’m sorry I can’t afford food, which I’d buy before I put petrol in the car”

CAB “oh…” CAB

Self “It would be a 35 mile round trip – I don’t normally drive that much in a week?”

CAB “You could go to the local Children’s centre?”

Self “Yep – I did until they turned me away and gave me your number?”

CAB “…”


So how to cope?

  • Bake Bread (until the flour runs out)
  • Eat up the rice and pasta…
  • Eat the same thing every day and get used to it
  • Four small meals a day is better than trying to manage one decent one!
  • Have a glass of water before/instead of snack (good way to diet as well)
  • Live off Yellow or ‘oops’ labels while you can
  • Stretch you budget till you cry?


Whistleblowing poet needs to keep alive

Ambitious & passionate. I belive in truth. A whistleblower trapped in a cycle of disclosure & delay?



Struggling to Make Ends meet? Make Bread?

As the bank account empties, the cupboards empty as well.  Not much left over at the end of the month – if anything?

I suffer from Myagic Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and recive only ESA; which is not enough to live on; I’m slowly sliding into debt.

Planning a budget isn’t easy when you the price of everything is going up.  I was on a high protein diet avoiding stodge like bread and pasta.  Basically meat and lots of veg; that realy help me with Energy levels but the idea of fresh meat, even tinned fish, or fresh veg has gone out of the window.

One thing I can do – sort of, I’m not saying I’m good at it, I can make bread. While there is flour in the cupboard; the price of flour doesn’t make it a cheaper option sometimes!  However I have discovered (at least with my limited bread making skills) that the budget flour availible in some super markets makes on diffirence.  (That is the bread is as bad as usual?)

Whistleblower's Bread!

On ESA nothing in the bank; nothing in the cupboard!

This is no nonsense, no mess job.  No bashing or Kneading either!  I use a simple recipe, skipping any ingredient I haven’t got:


  • 1 Cup Water (Can be replaced by fresh or sour milk.  I only buy full milk)
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 3 Tablespoons Margarine (can be replaced by Oil (Olive,vegatable, or Sunflower etc.)
  • 1 tablespoon honey or yeast extraxt or black treacle
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar [Balance with what you haven’t got in the way of honey etc.]
  • 1/4 cup powered milk (can omit if you are using milk anyway)
  • 1 1/2 Teaspoons bread yeast
  • 3 cups of any flour


You will need a large bowl and a bowl scraper or large spatula.

  • Sling it all in a large glass bowl. Go easy on the water or milk; adding this gradually.
  • Fold everything together slowly using the bowl scraper.
  • Scrap the sides of the bowl pressing into the centre.
  • Add reminder of liquid
  • Fold in gently until all the ingredients are in
  • Leave bowl in warm place with damp cloth covering
  • A warmed oven (but not hot, not on!) is better than sun light, leave the door of the oven a jar
  • Leave for 40-60 mins leaving time for the dough to rise or double in size; leave for 10 mins extra if not risen well. (should smell yeast.)
  • Bake in centre of hot oven, 350 degree heat for 30 mins.  check with knife – no stick dough should be left.
  • Cool on wire rack before slicing.

Great fresh, keeps me going a day or two!

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I am two voices

The heart of a writer’s success lies in the marketing. Without marketing I will be unable to continue to write my planned works, – with which I hope to ‘write my way out of this hole’. Without the Blog potential supporters would not know about my struggle or my poetry.

Whistle blowing is not snitching, some view it this way, but it is an action of bravery, which stems from dedication to truth. Honesty is important to writers; in the same way it is important for whistleblowers. It is a shame on society that both can be smothered and must suffer for their beliefs.

The next three months are critical for me not only must I survive; I am waiting for and preparing for my Appeal. It is twelve months since I firmly set on writing – and twelve months I’ve been diverted in Tribunals which are part of a system biased against the individual whistleblower, designed to starve me out.

The poets, the playwrites, musicians and the artists are the thinkers and the feelers that help society breath and see and feel alive; the whistleblower is not an artist but the individual thinking, feeling seeing and shouting out to others to stop and hear the truth, I am both. I am two voices.

Whistleblowing poet needs to keep alive Indiegogo project

Ambitious & passionate. I belive in truth. A whistleblower trapped in a cycle of disclosure & delay?



Hello and thank you for reading. My name is Michael Wormald. I am British, starting off as a self-publisher and blogger.  I’m no longer in full time employment because I am a Whistleblower.  Making Protected Disclosures  regarding Airworthiness and contracting irregularities at major defence firm, it took courage to make this step – and even more to continue the fight.

This aside, I have been writing for many years now,  I’ve decided to release my stories and share my experiences to a wider audience.  I have my blogs:

And I have published one collection of romantic, fantastic, and inspiring poems; stories and moments from my past.  There is no context, other than my memory.

I continue to write and I continue to struggle to balance my condition Myalgic Encephalitis; and with stress, anxiety and depression caused by the Whistleblowing.

I have produced long, intricate and imaginative stories from a very young age, always having in mind the idea of becoming a writer.

I started work in the Communications; travelling all over the country visiting not only factories and offices but bank vaults, prisons, coal mines, army barracks, ships, rigs, and hospitals; before moving to Defence supporting the Royal Navy; working on Submarines and ships; and later the RAF.

Diagnosed with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and a father of a young daughter and now a Whistleblower, – hoping to turn to writing fulltime.  However I am unable to support myself and fight the Tribunal and courts over the disclosures and loss of my job, and start writing at the same time.

I have a lot to share; I have the inspiration and ambition but I trapped by debt and the continuing delay of the courts.  For instance since the original date of my Tribunal in Janurary I have had to invest a most of time am healthy to Appeal paperwork.

I want to continue my blogs and marketing my work and complete research for my novels.

It is very difficult and frustrating self-publishing.  Poetry does never sells well, (unless the poet as died).

Preparation for the Tribunal has typically been 1500-2000 pages; an exhausting and costly process.  The Appeal process rolls on and on; draining my energy and resources.

Your contributions will help me make ends meet, keep on writing, and release blogs until I hear from the courts about my Appeals.

Donations allow me to dedicate all my time to writing, and all the other stuff related to get a foot hold self-publishing.

What I Need

You contributions to reach this target, if achieved I will be able pay the mortgage arrears.  Get food in the house to feed my daughter and myself so I can keep on fighting:

  •              Representing myself in court,
  •             And writing or marketing my work;

and hopefully finding success!

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that people sometimes can’t afford to be charitable, if you cannot donate please keep passing on my appeal – or my blog links or my poetry:…

But if you don’t have any money to contribute you can help out with a tweet or like. This is just as important and you only have to click on a button?

I will be inspired  – and full of gratitude for your time and kindness!