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Blog posted February 26, 2013


Draven Heavy Harmony Heavy Rock
Draven Eden

DRAVEN‘s debut album ‘Eden’ was released apparently to critical acclaim!  (I’m sorry I missed it guys – busy with the kid, marriage, wars, fixing planes, sinking submarines , ME/CFS etc.)

When I did catch up with Frank and James and the gang – “Draven”; which is as everyone knows is the name of one coolest characters to come out of comics or film in the last twenty years.  “Eric Draven” from “The Crow”.

Draven are twins Frank and Jim Paoli on guitar and vocals, supported by Alex de la Fuente on bass, with the drums knocked out by Danny Wood.  They have been playing together since 2002.

(It is also the name a designer of Rock and Skateboarding shoes and sneakers [no relation to the band] – which coincidently is exactly what I’m looking for my feet!)

The album Eden’ is cool – and really is growing on me.

Thumbs Up - I like it!
Thumbs Up – I like it! Draven Rocks!

I wouldn’t have thought it soundly ‘British’ but then again it was produced by Kevin Shirley (aka the Caveman) who has himself worked Russ, Bon Jovi, Divinyls, The Black Crowes, Dream Theater and  Iron Maiden, which is fairly international.  He took the band to L.A. to record.  (Some guys have all the luck!)

The sound is of the whole album is well balanced; the drums crisp and clear, the guitar never too overpowered just in your face enough to know they mean business.  The bass solid enough pulse wake the dead!

Draven came back from L.A. without a tan – but I guess looking suitably paler (if you go for that look) having laid down some brilliant tracks.

Draven's Eden, hot rocks!
Melts the snow in ya’ flares!

Not being able to put a finger on the sound makes it all the more interesting.  Each song is a style in its on without sticking to any one Genre of rock, all familiar – there’s nothing too dangerous and new on Eden’; it just rocks!  Clear vocals, harmony, well-constructed progressions alternating the loud aggressive chop of modern heavy rock with melody and lyrics with heart!

“Don’t cut yourself” brings back memories of many a mosh pit with shades of Iron Maiden, Metallica or even Cheap Trick; sweaty, jumping and sticky.  “I don’t Care!” is an anthem I’d like to join.  “Stranger” played twice, at over 8mins gets me home from work.  Once – if I crank the car stereo to the max!

On the title track ‘Eden’ I wonder if the boys are trying a little too hard but with time the track progresses, and 3mins 15 seconds into the track the invitation to Draven’s playground Eden’ is laid down like a challenge; then it’s ‘round and round’ you go!

Also here on ‘Eden’ , in one track, there is also the birth place of a distinctly new Genre of Rock – Spaghetti Rock.  “Itchy Finger”; It’s fun, it made me smile – if not laugh out loud!   A slanted homage to Clint Eastwood at his best.  Spaghetti western meets rock.  Spaghetti rock!   If you wonder why it is on an album titled and themed on Eden’ from ‘Paradise Lost‘; think about the attitude to death and survival in Clink Eastwood’s films: gritty bleak.

“I don’t think it’s right that you laugh at me; neither does my mule! We don’t see the funny side and now the jokes on you!” – “Itchy Finger”

….“No way!”

The Track Breath, may put you off guard with initial intro, literally thumped out on the piano with plenty of heart; but it resolves to a simple pulsing message, stop think “Breath”.   While the chorus is never going to win awards for lyrical excellence.   The message “Inhale, Exhale – Breath” gets me deeper each time I hear it.  Rock! Chill!

Eden Draven
Draven tempting new Eden

All the best



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