May 2015

If I were to meet Seaman William McNeilly today I would look him in the eye and tell him how brave I thought he was.  He has given up is career that he loved, the opportunity to support his country and the Royal Navy.

He has swallowed his own pride and opened up on the Hazards, Safety Issues and security.

None of the issues surprise me at all.

Seaman William McNeilly

I worked in Defence for years, including Support for the Royal Navy Sonar systems.  Giving Technical Support to the Royal Navy.

I can sympathise with those issues even though I left Naval services 6-7 years ago I remember how difficult it was becoming for the Submarine Weapon Systems officers who were being forced to take on more and more technical responsibility.  Each officer can only take on so much, – and still cope 100% as they are expected to.

The Royal Navy like the rest of the UK armed forces have been pushed to limit, cut back after cut back.  Many people who previously understood or had responsibly for the issues Seaman William McNeilly has raised may well have left, made redundant, leaving behind over stretched men who have suddenly been forced into a steep learning curve for their additional responsibilities.

The Royal Navy offers a is a great career.  submariners are not only put under a lot of stress to perform 100% because of their duties, but often because the safety of all the crew and the submarine is a stake.  So people should listen with a sympathic ear to McNeilly.

Seaman William McNeilly may well have spoken out, or found himself listening with dread to his superiors talk about every thing he has highlighted.  While they have chosen to try and ‘cope’ with the situation instead of risking their careers, chances of promotion, or to honest – their families and their welfare the income provides.

There have been too many cuts backs to be able to provide the response day-to-day to many issues, so they get left to people like William McNeilly to worry about.

It is not his fault – it is the government’s.

I feel for all Whistleblowers.  I have spent 5 years fighting Hypocrisy and blind stupidity in BAe and the MoD whilst working on Typhoon.

The worst is yet to hit William McNeilly.  No income.  Stress.  Bias towards/from MoD in the courts and useless Whistleblowing laws.

Eventually you come out of it with nothing.  I face loosing my house and live by scrounging and scrimping.  It is a horrible way to live, but I would not change one thing that I’ve done.  I will continue to take pride in what I did.  But I still feel the pain.  So I know what McNeilly is going through.  We should support him.

Most importantly we should support the Royal Navy to get these issues fixed.

We will either have an “I told you so” disaster with lives ruined or taken by accidents or dangers we should have fixed; or we can listen and give the messengers a clap on the back.





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July 2014

EI Whistleblower

Whistleblower protection, right of conscience




Her name is Sylvie Therrien. She has been working for HRSDC since January 2011, and from October 2012 as an Employment Insurance (EI) “integrity services investigator”. This campaign to provide her with living expenses was an idea some of us Canadians came up with because, in May 2013, Sylvie was suspended without pay on suspicion of leaking information to the media about an unethical EI quota system.


What Happened

In Canada we are supposed to have a whistleblower’s protection act, but in reality we don’t have protection for people who expose government wrong-doing. Sylvie Therrien could not continue, in good consience, working quietly within government “quota” guidelines for EI. When she questioned her superiors about the ethics of the practise, her concerns were laughed off because the EI managers could get bonuses for big cuts to EI payouts. She realized that cutting people off rightfully earned EI only served one purpose: to make the government look good by saying that fewer people were unemployed. Spin Spin Spin was what these quotas were about.

So Sylvie, at great peril to her own future earnings, stepped up and told the media about this unethical action by the Government of Canada. In our interview (http://livestream.com/occupyearth) she explains how she was told to disallow EI benefits for frivolous reasons in order to meet a quota of $485,000 in disallowed benefits per year


Think about that: almost 1/2 million a year of denied benefits per investigator in the office where she worked. How many others were doing the same in that office? How many others are doing the same in offices across the country? At a time when Canadians are unemployed and vulnerable, our government is working behind the scenes to cut their legs out from under them! How many people are struggling more then ever before so that the government can misdirect EI benefits to other uses, like $50 million gazebos, helicopter fishing trips for ministers and ridiculous Economic Action Plan ads?

You Can help this Indiegogo Project:



Sylvie Therrien, an employee of Services Canada, was suspended without pay on suspicion of being a whistleblower. Her hearing is now postponed until September.  Sylvie’s union (SEIU) has told her that this could be a long battle, and in the meantime the government knows that Sylvie is a single mother with bills to pay. This is just another government BULLY tactic to shut whistleblowers up. If the government top-cats can’t do it by prosecuting them, they will do it by starving the leaker.

Let’s stand up for Sylvie, who stood up for us! Even in these tough times, we believe that caring Canadians would be willing to donate to help pay the living expenses of someone who stood up for fellow Canadians.  Whether you can only afford $1 or can handle a larger donation of $5, $10 or even $100, know that your support is greatly appreciated. And please help by sharing this message with other caring Canadians. Together we can show Sylvie that yes, Canadians do care and Canadians support whistleblowers!

See Other Indiegogo Crowdfunded projects:



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Whistleblowing Claim going to Appeal Bankruppted by Fees

Yes!  My application for Appeal for the PIDA Employment Tribunal has been accepted!  My Appeal will go on to the judges.

Trouble is with only beans in the cupboard and half a loaf of bread left things couldn’t be tighter!  £400 on my credit card to pay the Appeal fees.  First the lodgement fee; then later a hearing fee (£1,200)

I can in my situation apply for a remission each time a pay the fee.  This is going be hard work – even before the preparation for the hearing.  The Appeal bundle cost £45 in paper and ink as it is!

It is beans tonight – must get down to the food bank!



Whistleblower Blues

When I blew the Whistle its was to further the benefits of Airworthiness and Safety little did I know that I would end up bankrupt and begging for money.



Eurofigther Typhoon

I once had my house mortgage paid and done for.  Before illness, caused by long term stress due the concerns which kept me awake at night, led to divorce.  Losing half the house, and gaining a new mortgage, – fighting for the custardy of my daugther whilst struggling with a company deaf to the changes in regulations.

Bae to MoD

Guilt is the worst thing.  It is worrying enough considering going outside of your own company, possibliy against your own friends and collegaues without the additional strain of causing a breakdown of your family life!

It didn’t get easier.  Four years on I am still going to the Foodbank, still scrapping by on an income which doesn’t cover the cost of my mortgage – let alone Gas and Electricity!

I’ve had the cost of Employment Tribunal’s, Appeals and all that paper and printing!  I think about all this every time I open the kitchen cupboard to open another tin of donated baked beans.

Starvation rations

I’ve no social life, had none for years, I can’t justifiy it.  My daugther comes first.  The summer’s coming, – she’ll ask for Ice-Cream, she’s got her hobbies, – which will end soon because I can’t afford it any longer.

This month, I’ve had to skip my mortgage payment in order to pay my Gas and Electricity – I’ve got to stop them kicking my door down to fit a pre-payment meter which I couldn’t afford to pre-pay!

No bread this week, I’ll use up the flour in the cupboard and hope it turns out to be edible!  The foodbank’s too hit and miss to plan a menu;  Car Tax means July’s shopping will be put back to August!

In 8 days I’ll hear about my Appeal, – another then £400 just to pregress an issue so slowly it may never become free to go into the public domain!  All the legal advice is don’t seek publicly!  Hell why make a discloure in the public interest if you can’t talk about it!

I’ll tell you about how bad it is for the Whistleblower!  I must be mad to gone down this root, – ending up medically retired with a pitence, a fraction of the pension I would have got and further more all the equity in the house will be lost the day the banks move in.  Now shall I have the beans tonight?  Or save them?

Starving to suceed


19th May 2014

Whistleblower – The World of Law dosn’t Understand PIDA

Employment Tribunal now only attract Legal Aid in cases of ‘discrimination’ under the ‘discrimination act’ i.e. sex, race, age, disability etc.  This effectively makes PIDA weaker than ever.  The Employment Tribunal is the only route or process to follow; and there is no legal aid.  Why would a whistle-blower start a case in the ET?  Because of discrimination’ from employer due to disclosure; or Constructive Dismissal (which should be automatic – case history shows that this is no longer the case.)


If you’ve lost your job due to a disclosure or can no longer work due to disclosure what can you now do?  I’m bankrupt now, by the time I get to Appeal I’ll be homeless.


Legal experience (there is a similar story in the news today about lack of barristers to support fraud cases due to cuts in Legal Aid)  In the field of Aviation and Airworthiness the solicitors who have experience can be counted on one hand.  Most already work for my previous employer or the MoD, leaving Haddon-Cave who is no longer in practise – not that I could afford him.


Note 3:  Gov. pushing for more cases to be settled commercially or via ACAS to reduce the number going to ET.  Employers are more likely to want to settle Whistleblowing claims in this way – reducing the amount of case history and statute the ET can reffer to; thus watering down the law even further.  Shouldn’t PIDA be FORCED to go through the Full Tribunal.  “Public Interest” is supposed to mean something?


Nov 2013

Whistle-Blowers Abandon All Hope!

As a Whistle-blower waiting for my case to come to the Employment Tribunal; a wait of over a year now; due Jan 2014.

I have nothing left.  No income; just worry anxiety, depression, fear, a feeling that I’ve been pushed aside whilst no-one listens.

Having a prior illness (M.E.) diagnosed is no help.  My claims for ESA could take years to be sorted out.  All the while I rot on £70 per week.  That’s my daughter and I.  Child benefits of £20 are a help, the difference between starving and not.   In any case I’ve been living on handouts from the food bank; I have little left to buy fresh food.

I struggle to manage day to day; I have little energy.  The M.E. also ensures I’m in a lot of pain.  But what can I do but fight on?  I must survive another six months to get to the Tribunal then I will be able to have ‘my say’.

I say I will “Have my Say”; I will; as I have to represent myself.  There is no Legal Aid for Employment Tribunals; not even if the issue includes an element of Whistle-blowering; a protected disclosure.  The Union don’t even have a policy on Whistleblowing and wouldn’t support me with legal aid because the whole thing takes longer than a year to get to the tribunal!

So I try to get up out of bed and shake off the pain; try to appeal my ESA to get more money, sell my possessions, oh and try to fight off the banks.  I’ve no credit left (still paying the Overdraft fees and interest.) and I’m in arrears on my mortgage for over a year?  The clock is ticking – will I be homeless before I get to the Tribunal?

Then there’s the government’s attitude to my disclosure.  I have of course tried to tell them that they should investigate; but the morron’s in office try to tell me what my own job is and that they know better!  Well the authority investigating as a result of the disclosure know their job and have taken action!  The one positive thing about the whole affair.

Being a whistle-blower is really the worst role to find yourself.  Ostracized; not appreciated; penniless and hungry.



2nd July 2013

Whistleblowing or Silent Screaming?

I feel like screaming.  I certainly think that the act of making a disclosure and wrapping up the problem so you can get on with you life or you career is next to impossible in the UK.

Assuming that having made a disclosure; this can be as simple as telling you boss that the Safety barrier is broken; or making a protected disclosure to the right authority, can you settle back into routine at work and be happy as before.

If nothing was done about the problem, you life was made a misery what would you do?  If lives were still at risk, if you working life was being made hell, or you were being fobbed off?  How would this affect you?  Depression, Anxiety, alcohol abuse, – divorce?  Loss of income; debt, mortgage arrears, house repossession?  All because you wanted to do the right thing?

Many people would simply leave and let the wrong doing go on.  I have say that is the most sensible thing to do in the UK.  Many people simply don’t want a black mark against them, don’t want their family life disrupted.   If you have to leave your job, do it quietly, get a good reference and move on.  Because most likely the state won’t help you, the Tribunal service is not fit for purpose, getting to cases in timescales that don’t stop the debtors moving in.  No body would blame you for moving on and turning you back a problem.

However if you believe you you have to say is right and couldn’t live with yourself in you did turn away.  Depending on how big you problem is, how big the company you work is you’ve got a big problem on your own shoulders and no one can take it away.  It might even kill you; or you kill yourself because the weight is too much.  This is the lot of the UK Whistleblower.

Personally I’ve got a Mouton to climb; with a defense company and the Ministry on my back; with seven months to go.  On my right I’m fight off my debt and trying to live on handouts, – the DWP just keep turning down my ESA (their appeal process takes years.) and on my left I’m fighting off the mortgage company – who are even now coming to get my house.

I could give up.  I’d have nothing to show for my fight; gained nothing – lost everything; and would have to fight back the bile for the rest of my life knowing that an important safety issue had never come to light.

For crying out loud I only want to live and according to my rights have a fair hearing at the Tribunal, then win or loss I can put my life back together and try to get my health back!



2nd July 2013

UK Tribunal Service Not Fit for purpose!

Nobody likes waiting but imagine putting your life on hold completely?

The UK Tribunal Service Not Fit for purpose!  If takes so long to wait, most case are never heard.  Settlement via ACAS or commercially are becoming the norm; with less and less cases being heard.

The is a loss for both the ‘user’ of the Tribunal service and the service itself.  The service itself uses the statute on the Employment Tribunals are tribunal non-departmental public bodies in England and Wales and Scotland which have statutory jurisdiction to hear disputes between employers and employees.

The most common disputes are concerned with unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and employment discrimination.  There are very few cases dealing with Protected disclosures; which is the only place such an act of disclosure can be heard – in relation to Employment only.

Most issues raised as Whistleblowing are in the press; rather than to the directed authority under the ‘Protected Disclosures Act’.

This leaves me, and I guess – due to the number of articles in the press, many others a low expectation of the Tribunal service; or disgust at the lack opportunity make a disclosure stick.  For instance if you made a disclosure (to an authority) as a citizen to a public body or company; there is no court or tribunal which while hear your ‘point of law’.

I sick of waiting, the wait is causing me immense pain – due to my ME and my depression.  But I couldn’t live with myself if I gave up or took the easy way out, such as – by blowing of steam to the press.   I do not what my ‘point of law’ or ‘subject of disclosure’ to be muddied or sullied by the misreading of the press.


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