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Frack Free Lancashire

Did you know there are plans to frack for gas near you?

If you’ve never heard of it before, fracking — or hydraulic fracturing — is a destructive and dirty process using a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals to blast rocks and release trapped gas and oil. Not only have these chemicals been linked to water contamination, but burning more fossil fuels, like gas, will lead to disaster for our planet.

Right now, fracking company Cuadrilla is in the middle of its latest bid to drill in Lancashire. They want to frack right next door to Little Plumpton, on the outskirts of Blackpool.

But today we have a chance to stop them. Lancashire County Council has opened a new public consultation, asking people if they think drilling should be allowed.

If enough of us submit our comments through the consultation website, councillors could block Cuadrilla at this early stage, before they’re given the go ahead. Here’s how to take part:

1. Click here to open the consultation page, then find the ‘Comment on this application’ link near the end of the page:
2. Fill in your name, address and email, then click ‘next’.
3. Hoorah! You can now lodge your objection to Cuadrilla’s plans. Please remember to include:

i. Application number: LCC/2014/0096
ii. Location of development: Can be left blank
iii. Your comments: State why you’re opposed to these plans — we’ve put together a few talking points below if you’re stuck for what to say

4. Click ‘submit’ and you’re done!

Click here to visit Lancashire County Council’s website and have your say on fracking.

Opposition to fracking continues to go from strength to strength. Just last week, a national newspaper crowned 82 year old Anne Power their ‘local hero’ for all she’s done to block fracking firm IGas at Barton Moss. And in the coming days, 16 anti-fracking groups will meet in Blackpool to share tactics and ideas, joining together to launch Frack Free Lancashire.

Yet despite growing opposition, the fracking industry is desperate to secure a win. Firms like Cuadrilla and IGas know that if one council gives fracking the thumbs up, it could be the trigger for other councils to follow.

Visit the Council website to leave a message and tell councillors why you oppose these plans. If you’re stuck for what to write, take a look at the talking points below.

Thank you,